czwartek, 3 kwietnia 2008

3 IV 2oo8 audycja nr 52

Celebrujemy kolejne wrocławskie święto dźwiękowe - nadchodzące koncerty Current 93 i KTL obszernie skomentujemy i na obcowanie przygotujemy. Lucifer over Wroclaw.

current 93 "thunder perfect mind"
current 93 "Nature unveiled"
current 93 "Swastikas For Goddy" [1987]
curremt 93 "Lucifer Over London" [1994]
steven stapleton, david tibet "musical pumpkin cottage"
current 93 "Where The Long Shadows Fall" [1995]
current 93 "all the pretty little horses"
current 93 "Of Ruine Or Some Blazzing Starre" [1994]
antony and the johnsons "soft black stars"
current 93 "black ships in the sky"
KTL "1" [editions mego, 2006]
KTL "3" [OR, 2007]

27 III 2008 audycja nr 51

Gramy z winyli u Amore. Oldskulowe nowości.

the magic i.d. "till my breath gives out" [erstwhile, 2008]
arto lindsay and anbitious lovers "envy"
chris corsano "the young cricketer" [family vineyard]
tetuzi akiyama / jeffrey allport "live at the western front"
dr. id / ju suk reet meate "acnode one"
michel chion "requiem" [subrosa]
so so many white tigers "so so many white tigers"